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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Why Underpinning Your House Could Save You A Lot Of Money

Foundation subsidence is one of the most dilapidating defects that your house may be exposed to. Foundation subsidence is the process where the ground under a house begins compact itself under the weight of the house or when the soil under the foundation begins to contract due to loss of moisture (as is the case with clay soil) thus causing the foundation to sink in. Thereafter, the entire house begins to suffer dilapidating structural damage.

A good solution that property owners can employ to save their properties is underpinning. Underpinning is the process of placing support piers under the foundation of the house to negate the effect of subsidence as well as prevent further sinking. The hydraulically driven piers provide the much need support for the foundation.

For many property owners that have contracted foundation specialized to have underpinning done to their house, there is one thing that comes out clearly �" underpinning can save you money. For starters, the dilapidating effects of foundation subsidence are so dire and robust that if left unchecked, the entire house will be declared unfit for occupation in a few years. As such, property owner lose their properties, which we can appreciate is an expensive loss. Therefore, underpinning your house goes a long way to ensure that you save your property and keep the loss of your property at bay.

Underpinning can also save you money by negating the effects of foundation subsidence. Typically, when the foundation of property subsides, it affects the entire building structure. The most common effects of ground subsidence are the formation of cracks running horizontally or vertically the entire wall. For the vertical walls, the cracks get bigger as you higher up the wall. These cracks can have devastating effects on the structural stability of the house and hence need to be repaired as early as possible.

However, unless the source of the problem is rectified, the cracks will continue to appear and with great frequency if the source of the problem is not rectified. Underpinning, which resolves the problem of foundation subsidence, ensures that such cracks do not appear anymore. Thus underpinning reduces the frequencies of repairs and thus saves you money.

Finally, ground subsidence causes doors and windows not to fit. As such, property owners have to refit their windows and doors, which costs money. Underpinning negates this issue by solving the problem of foundation subsidence.


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